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Country life

The chateau de Fosseuse

Most of the letters that Alexis de Tocqueville sent to Louis de Kergorlay, his childhood friend, were addressed to the chateau de Fosseuse in the Oise department. This property was an old and important chateau belonging to the Montmorency family, of which there remains today a very large shell made of brick aux chaînages de pierres blanches, ocres ou roses. The name of the community, Fosseuse (formerly Bailleul-sur-Esches), is a legacy of the Montmorency-Fosseux family. When Henry III transformed the lands of Bailleul into the Barony of Fosseuse in 1578, the family imported the name of a village in the Artois to which it was historically connected to its new residence in the Oise. The family definitively surrendered ownership of the chateau in the late 17th century, when it was sold to Louise de Prie, the widow of Marshall de la Mothe-Houdancourt. it was made a marquisate in the 18th century for Philippe Thomé, counselor to Parliament, and it was only in 1807 that it became the Kergorlay residence for a little over a century. In addition, the chateau is surrounded by a vast English-style park which was rather well known under the Restoration, during the hour of glory of César de Kergorlay, Louis's father. Much like the faithfulness of the son to his family milieu and the ideas of his father - one of the most sturdy ultra-royalists under the Restoration and a fervent legitimist under the July Monarchy - Louis de Kergorlay was very attached to his home in the chateau de Fosseuse, where he spent most of his life. His friend Alexis de Tocqueville often visited him here, especially given that its proximity to Baugy, where his brother Édouard lived, and to Clairoix, where his father spent his final years, often drew him to the region.
The chateau left the Kergorlay family in the early 20th century, and a large square tower was added in 1912. The current owners still welcome occasionally visitors following the trail of Alexis de Tocqueville and Louis de Kergorlay - the chateau is now a bed and breakfast.

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Chateau de Fosseuse

Chateau de Fosseuse
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