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Alexis de Tocqueville, before America

His studies: At the lycée in Metz
Higher education: A law student in Paris
1827-1830, the magistracy at Versailles: Tocqueville, hearing judge at the Versailles court
1827-1830, the magistracy in Versailles : A crucial period in his intellectual education
The Révolution of 1830: At the heart of the Insurrection
The Revolution of 1830: The oath to Louis-Philippe

His ancestry

Simplified genealogical tree
A very prestigious family
A family devastated under the Terror

His family

His father, Hervé de Tocqueville: His youth or "the experience of misfortune"
His father, Hervé de Tocqueville : A great servant of the State under the Restoration
His father, Hervé de Tocqueville : The head of the family
His mother, Louise Madeleine Le Peletier de Rosanbo
His brothers : Hippolyte
His brothers : Édouard
The abbé Lesueur

His wife, Marie Mottley

The marriage
Life together

His friends

Louis de Kergorlay
The Kergorlay Affair
Gustave de Beaumont : two "lives side by side"
Gustave de Beaumont
Jean-Jacques Ampère
Francisque de Corcelle
Pierre Paul Royer-Collard
Victor Lanjuinais
Jules Armand Dufaure
Arthur de Gobineau
Madame de Swetchine
Charles de Grandmaison


Italy and Sicily

A youthful traveler in Italy (1827)
A mild winter at Sorrento (1850)


The departure and the transatlantic crossing: the departure
The departure and the transatlantic crossing: crossing the ocean
New York! The arrival in New York
New York! Daily life
New York! American society
New York! The survey of penal institutions
The West and the North: two weeks in the wilderness, or the "solitudes of the New World"
The West and the North: the Indians
The West and the North: Canada
Journey down the Mississippi: En route for the South, via Philadelphia and Cincinnati
Journey down the Mississippi: Memphis
Journey down the Mississippi: New Orleans
Journey down the Mississippi: Washington
Journey down the Mississippi: The return

England and Ireland

First trip to England (1833)
Second trip to England (1835)


The discovery of Algeria (1841)
The discovery of Algeria (1841)
A new survey on Algerian territory (1846)
A new survey on Algerian territory (1846)

Germany and Switzerland

Travels in Germany
Travels in Switzerland


An author under the influence
Tocqueville the visionary
Democracy in America

The "First Democracy" (1835): Origins and Reception
The "First Democracy" (1835): Argument
The "First Democracy" (1835): Argument
The "Second Democracy" (1840): Genesis
The "Second Democracy" (1840): Reception and Argument
The "Second Democracy" (1840): Main Issues


Tocqueville as memoirist
First part
Second and third parts

The Old Regime and the Revolution

The project's beginnings
Birth of the work
The composition of the work and the argument of Book I
The argument of books II and III

A prolific correspondent

Politics & Views

The July Monarchy

The Monarchy and its monarch
His career as a deputy
The representative from La Manche

The Revolution of 1848
The Second Republic

Representative of the people
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Coup d'Etat of 1851

The Republic in danger
December 2, 1851
Tocqueville in prison
Internal exile

His convictions

Pauperism and Industrial Revolution
Slavery and Colonies
The Abolition of Slavery
The Penitentiary System


Country life

The chateau de Malesherbes
Le Clos de l'Aronde à Clairoix
Les Trésorières at Saint-Cyr-lès-Tours
The chateau de Verneuil-sur-Seine
The chateau de Baugy
The chateau de Fosseuse

The family chateaux

The chateau de Tocqueville
The chateau de Tocqueville
The chateau de Tourlaville
The chateau de Nacqueville

Villa Montfleury in Cannes


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